Sick on a Sunday

Making the Oscars more bearable

Posted in Entertainment by jamiemarie on February 23, 2009

I propose watching the Oscars as a drinking game (as I typically propose watching just about anything).  To make things interesting, I’m planning on scaling the number of drinks based on  an event’s predictability.

Winners & Nominees
As the nominees are announced, everyone makes their prediction.  If your prediction wins – you may distribute drinks to your cohorts.  If a winner is as obvious as, say, Heath Ledger winning Supporting Actor, give out one drink.  If you manage to predict the winner of Best Short Documentary Film, however, give out 5.

 Acceptance Speeches
1. Winner thanks God (take one drink)
2. Winner is absent (two drinks)
3. Winner sends any kind of political message (three drinks)
4. Winner kisses presenter (four drinks, but kisses on the cheek don’t count)
5. Winner thanks pets, climbs on top of chairs,  drags entire entourage on state, or some other crazy unpredictable thing (five drinks)

Drink for every…
1. Wardrobe malfunction
2. Anything with feathers
3. Joaquin Pheonix
4. Bling


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