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Obeying International Law, A Threat To Democracy…?

Posted in Politics by jamie on March 31, 2009

According to that article the answer is a resounding “yes” from the American right. The nomination of Harold Koh to the position of  State Department Legal Advisor by Barack Obama has unleashed a fit of hysterical wailing from conservative intellectual giants all over the nation.  Conjuring up a horrific nightmare world where the average American citizen is put on trial before an international court of law, rather than a jury of his peers, critics of the appointment gleefully strapped on their skiing boots and headed down the slippery slopes of their latest fallacious argument.

On the bright side the critic of American foreign policy and political attitudes can rarely ask for such a brazen display of the cognitive dissonance supporters of rendition and torture must grapple with everyday.  How rare it is to see the bullshit dispensed with and intent laid bare.  It’s no secret to anyone with even the slightest inclination to read about America’s sordid history of violating international law, all the while claiming to be the champions of it, that the real fear generated by this appointment is the nightmare scenario of being held accountable for the untold suffering and murder caused by say the covert funding of death squads in South America. Or maybe it’s the idea that for once we as a nation might have to take a critical look at our actions on the world stage since day one?  Perhaps with a man like Koh in this prominent position we could take an honest look at the legacy of people like Ronald Reagan, rather than dull our senses by getting high off nationalistic platitudes.

Ah, who I am kidding, Obama will probably back down and withdrawl the nomination.


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