Sick on a Sunday

Facebook ads

Posted in Conspiracy Theories, Entertainment, Random Rants by jamie on June 9, 2009

I am going to chime in with a slightly less well organized documentation of facebook ads targeted at me:

The first ad I’m seeing here is an ad for the Berkley MbA program.  I don’t know why this is showing up on my profile of all places. I have strong misgivings about capitalism and an MBA seems about the last degree on Earth I would want to go into debt for.  Seriously, an MbA? I can only assume that facebook has become sentient and has decided to be like every other asshole with a business degree. Unhappy on the inside and covering it up by reminding all the humanities majors, who are having a great time studying something they actually enjoy, that they won’t make any money when they gradtuate. I hope you enjoy your middle managment position that you’ll be working late into your extremely unfulfilled 50’s, Facebook.  With a little rationalization, I’m sure the fact you made a hundred or so grand more than a humanities major before you got laid off in a financial apocalypse will more than make up for decades spent doing something you loathed for a bit more scratch. FUCK YOU FACEBOOK.

Scrolling down a bit here…what’s this? A Congress app for iPhone with the tagline “hold your reps accountable!” Are there no limits to what the iPhone is capable of? Well, I do own an iPhone, so I suppose that one is sort of well targeted.

I’m spent, so I’m just going to say that the last ad is for a personal assistant. The notion that I will ever have enough money to afford a personal assistant is laughable. If I did have the need and financial means to hire one, I would probably just pay them to place bids at silent auctions for me. I would then have them withdraw the bids and yell “suckers,” as they sprint out of the room…


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