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Barack Obama Pours Salt Into Wounds, Blue Dogs Twists Knives.

Posted in Uncategorized by jamie on July 29, 2009,0,4550811.story

“President Obama singled out California on Friday for failing to use education data to distinguish poor teachers from good ones, a situation that his administration said must change for the state to receive competitive, federal school dollars.”

Come on B-Rack, are you trying to be as bad as bush? In the same year that you handed over literally hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars to wall street pieces of shit, who then turned around and gave themselves gigantic pats on the back in the form of enormous bonuses, you are seriously going to withhold a whole FOUR billion dollars from California when its education system is in the most dire straits it has ever seen? Shut the fuck up and give us the money so that we can even begin to talk about comparing teachers.

In other news, let’s all check out our super amazing health ca…

“WASHINGTON — The White House, Democratic leaders and four fiscally conservative House lawmakers worked out a deal Wednesday to move ahead on sweeping health care legislation.

The agreement would allow a committee vote, preserving momentum on President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority.

The deal calls for exempting more small businesses from a requirement to offer coverage, trimming subsidies to help people buy health insurance, and making any government-sponsored insurance plan negotiate payment rates with medical providers — instead of dictating them.”

From a separate article:

“The Blue Dogs managed to pull $100 billion in savings from the bill by lowering by one percent the rate at which people living between 300 and 400 percent of the poverty level will be subsidized to buy health care in insurance exchanges–they had originally tried to eliminate that bracket entirely.”

Just a reminder that our government is full of people that give the pentagon a virtual blank check to throw at defense contractors to create stupidly expensive and redundant weapons of death that will never see a lick of use in combat (I’m looking at you F-22), without so much as a modicum of criticism.  These same people will then turn and fight tooth and fucking nail to prevent the poor and disadvantaged from having their basic human needs met.

Awful, awful people.


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