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In search of a roommate, so far

Posted in Uncategorized by jamiemarie on August 10, 2009

I live in a 2-bedroom apartment with the boyfriend.  We’re currently in search of a roommate.  It has been an experience, and prowling craigslist for candidates is always a joy.

The very first ad
I posted an ad about the room and the apartment, and got a response from a girl who’s 26 and works super close to the apartment, so she came to take a look.  She was very sweet and seemed to really like the place.  She was inquisitive, asking pretty  normal questions about the place and about us.  Then it got weird.

Her: Okay, so I have one issue.

Me: Sure, shoot.

Her: Okay, soooo you know, like, when you’re, like, in a relationship and almost engaged, but not, and you’re just sort of in limbo?

Me: Sure [not true, I really have no idea what she’s talking about]

Her: So, like, that’s where me and my boyfriend are.  So he’d be over a lot.  Is that okay?

Me: Sure, as long as he doesn’t suck.

Her: [at this point, her eyes widened and kind of glazed over] No, he’s awwwweeesssssssoomme.

Flash forward a few minutes and she’s asking me about rent.  I tell her what it is, even though it’s posted in the ad.  She tells me it’s a little more than she was looking at, but she’ll talk to her boyfriend – since he’s paying half her rent, “because he feels bad that we can’t move in together.”

After recounting this to the boyfriend, he theorized that her boyfriend is probably in his 40s or something.  Right?  I’m also hypothesizing that he’s married.  Maybe he lives out of town and comes in all the time “on business”.  But whatever the circumstances, something is up.  She told me she’d call, but never did and I am okay with with that.

A few ads later
This time the ad I posted was much less specific than any prior ones.  I get a response from a guy in his early 30s.  Instead of asking anything else, he tells me we should talk on the phone to make sure we’re compatible.  Is he confusing the rooms/shares section with personals?  Also, for some reason, his own posting on Craigslist included photos of himself.  Are people looking for roommates really that superficial?

I ended up talking to him a few days later, and he sort of flaked.  In all seriousness, I think he flaked because he was concerned about the bedrooms being adjacent.

Perusing the Housing Wanted ads
Now I’ve had it, and have decided to be more proactive.  I started browsing the housing wanted ads, and there are some classics.

For example, people who don’t understand that even to just rent a room in Manhattan Beach (the 30th most expensive zip code in the US) is most definitely going to run you more than $500.  Godspeed, my friend.

Or the guy and girl looking for a room, advertising that they had “fun jobs” and including rough estimates of their incomes.  My boyfriend’s income and mine combined is about double theirs combined and we are by no means well off – as evidenced in our search for a roommate instead of one-bedroom apartment.  I imagine their search is interesting.

Of course, their search becomes infinitely more interesting when you take into account that his “career” is magician.  Magic just doesn’t pay like it used to. Plus, this is all I can think of:

So far, these are my favorites.  Stand by for updates.


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