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Segs for Vets

Posted in Conspiracy Theories, Politics, Things That Don't Own by jamiemarie on August 11, 2009

Twice a week, I drive to Long Beach.  Apparently, every Monday afternoon, so does a representative of Segs 4 Vets. This is an organization that claims their goal is to help disabled veterans, and I totally and unconditionally support that.  Looking at the website now, it seems like a much more legitimate organization than this wingnut would have you believe, driving around in this vehicle:


The side panel says “6 Reasons Why America’s Free: Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, Marines”.  Which begs the question: in that order?

I should also add that I took this photo from my car, in traffic on the 405.  And in addition to all this patriotic militaristic paraphernalia, this little pick up was blasting “Stars and Stripes Forever”.  (Which to this day, still makes me hum “be kind to your web footed friends…”)

So at first, I found this pretty harmless.  Despite the blind nationalism I typically find kind of scary, this was plain ridiculous – especially with the music.  Regardless, if I were an activist associated with Segs 4 Vets, I’d be okay with this dude driving around bringing us publicity.

However, recently, I’ve started to see a similar vehicle in the same area, so I can only assume it’s the same guy.

photo The text here says:
Beware.  I am a domestic terrorist by definition of government beaurocrats[sic].  I love America, the Constitution & Flag.  I hate the liberal, socialist agenda.  I am vocal about corruption and treason.  I want real americans to [??]. I own guns and ammo [??].  Call Homeland In-Security [??] Or the president’s hotline.

The president has a hotline?!  And what actually caught my attention at first, was the misspelling of bureaucrats.

Anyway, this is fear-mongering at its finest.  “The liberal, socialist agenda”?  Threatening with guns and ammo?  Saying that the administration will call you a “domestic terrorist” because you simply disagree with them?  I’m no political scientist, but I’m pretty sure that’s not true.

Maybe he’s a terrorist because he has a muppet with a fake gun on the top of his poorly worded sign. But if this dude has actually been labeled a “domestic terrorist” by the government, I’m willing to bet that he earned that title under more severe charges than disliking liberals.  Is Glenn Beck a domestic terrorist?  To me personally, absolutely; but to “government bureaucrats”?  Probably not.

But this is the part of blind, militaristic nationalism that scares me.  Not because I actually believe he’s going to commit acts of terrorism, but because people like this exist.

And you know, if I were part of the Segs 4 Vets organization, I would be totally embarrassed by this guy.  Unless he’s in, say, the Appalachians, he’s not going to garner much support in Southern California.  Take me, for example.  I’m liberal, but I am all in favor of getting veterans what they need – be it medical care, education, or segways.  However, I’m never, ever going to donate or do anything to associate myself with an organization promoted but nutjobs like this.

And, finally, because I can’t go a post without mentioning Gob Bluth, can anyone take segways seriously in the first place?

83272815_5810d9c83b  arrested-development-segway


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  1. Jerry said, on March 6, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    The Segs4Vets program enjoys the support of Americans representing the broadest of political and social beliefs, from the far left to the far right unified be the single belief that when men and women of the military are sent into harm’s way, suffer serious injury and are permanently disabled they deserve every tool available to allow them to live the highest quality of life possible.

    Our Nation is filled with many unique individuals and we seek the support of all of them even though we may not agree with every belief or opinion that they harbor. While the individual driving the truck you saw is not a representative of the Segs4Vets Program he did attend our San Diego Presentation last February and I must say our recipients were amused by the spectacle.

  2. Lee Roy Coleman said, on March 1, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Just to say I am familiar with segs 4 vets program it is outstanding and I do not believe they are like what is being represented by that individual. Now just to inform you. I was shocked by what was broadcasted in the media about 1 year ago that the veterans of the United States Military were potential Terrorist. Trust me if you do your research you can find it I promise. I know because I am a veteran and was very outradged but I belive due to public out cry the individual did apologize. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

    • sickonasunday said, on March 11, 2011 at 4:38 pm

      Hey dude, thanks for your input. I agree, Segs4Vets sounds like a legit program. My point was just that if I were part of this group, I’d be a little embarrassed that the person pulling the most PR was this maniac.

  3. Lee Roy Coleman said, on March 1, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    It was Janet Napolitano the secretary of Homeland Security that said that returning veterans were Terrorist Risks. It was on or around April 15 2009. Here is the link to the Washington Post that carried the story.

  4. pat said, on March 21, 2011 at 11:58 am

    I bought a segway I -2 and I love it !!! I am a vet but my injury is from lifes ware and tear and trama to my hip 35 yrs. ago and nuropathy in my feet I don’t know what I would do without my Segway .I liive in salem or. if there is someone neer me mail me and lets get together and go on some rides….

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