Sick on a Sunday

Here’s a little song I wrote about the mystery of life…

Posted in Entertainment, Politics, Random Rants, Things That Don't Own, Uncategorized by jamie on September 5, 2009


If there is one group of people asking to be thrown up against a wall and riddled with high caliber ammunition, it’s guys who carry their acoustic guitars everywhere.

Like modern day Troubadours with only tales of themselves to sing, they have spread across the land. Sitting down to enjoy a cup of joe and a conversation with a friend at your favorite coffee shop? Fuck that, they’ve got something better. Whatever you two were about to discuss couldn’t possibly measure up to their unsolicited musings on life.


Quickly, say whatever you have to say while he clumsily tunes his guitar.  Nooo it’s too late, he’s started strumming the thing!

douche 3

Really though, where do you get off complaining? You’re just another working class drone, slaving away in an office for the beneift of  the man. You could never conjour up the same cogent analysis of the short comings of our society that the uninvited musican delivers with every passing note. He merely wants to enhance that dinner with friends you were already looking forward to after your 10 hour day of work and college courses with a little bit of his home made sonic flavoring. So what if it sounds like a go-kart running over rabbits, this is art we’re talking about here!

Been in love? Yes? Well have you written a song about it? I didn’t think so.  Whatever it is you’ve done, he’s done it harder. Anything you’ve felt, he’s felt on a deeper and more urgent  level. Having a little trouble keeping up with the universal language that is music? Well relax and let him teach you a few lessons up and down the fretboard.


What’s that? You want him to shut the fuck up so you can get back to conversation with your friend?  How dare you! This is his art, his heart, and indeed his very soul. Your free time is but a trifle before the spiritual experience you’re about to be a part of. Why, it isn’t like there are millions of these guys just walking around sharing their music to the unwilling and willing a like, don’t be silly!

Oh, and did I mention he’s quite the harmonica prodigy as well?


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