Sick on a Sunday

Shaq vs. (why didn’t I know this existed?)

Posted in Entertainment, Things That Own by jamiemarie on September 16, 2009
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Um, yeah, so that’s what Shaq looks like in a Speedo, in case you were wondering.

Apparently the other episodes this season were:
Shaq vs. Ben Roethlisberger
Shaq vs. Misty & Kerri 
Shaq vs. Albert Pujols
Shaq vs. Oscar de la Hoya
And last night’s Shaq vs. Michael Phelps

Here are my suggestions for Season 2
Shaq vs. Luc Robitaille 
Shaq vs. the free throw line
Shaq vs. Chuck Norris
Shaq vs. Godzilla  
Shaq vs. Steven Seagal
Shaq vs. James Lipton
Shaq vs. the Jonas Brothers 
Shaq vs. 50 Cent (rapping or getting shot, either or)
Shaq vs. Plácido Domingo 
Shaq vs. Bobby Flay
Shaq vs. David Blaine

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