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Recasting Lost

Posted in Entertainment by jamie on February 4, 2010

I’m jumping on the Lost bandwagon about 5 seasons too late.  In a nutshell, I find it both emotionally manipulative and compelling, but that’s besides the point.  I am 3 episodes into the first season and am having the hardest time not expecting to see Luke Wilson every time the camera pans to Jack.  So I’ve decided to recast the first 3 episodes using famous movie stars.

(This coincidentally coincides with “doppleganger week” on Facebook – a bandwagon I have not jumped on.)

(Original: Matthew Fox, Replacement: Luke Wilson)
JackLuke Wilson

(Original: Evangeline Lilly, Replacement: Catherine Zeta Jones)
KateCatherine Zeta Jones

(Original: Josh Holloway, Replacement: Billy Ray Cyrus)
SawyerBilly Ray Cyrus

(Original: Emilie de Ravin, Replacement: Amanda Seyfried)
ClaireAmanda Seyfried

(Original: Ian S… , Replacement: Eric McCormack, but not so smiley)
BooneErick McCormack

(Originally: Maggie Grace, Replacement: Leslie Bibb)
ClaireLeslie Bibb

Some notable characters I obviously ignored.  Locke, for example, I left out because he looks pretty much like any old angry white guy with a round head (I did do a search for Major Dad, however, but too much mustache).  There’s a shortage of minority actors out there, so I couldn’t think of any celebrity look-a-like for Sayid.  Charlie is too obviously a Hobbit, so no one else came to mind.

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