Sick on a Sunday

A Life Without Cake

Posted in Random Rants by jamiemarie on April 20, 2010

In all likelihood, in the next few days I’ll write about food.  I really like food, and although some would refer to me as a “picky eater”, I’m honestly more of a “minimalist eater”.  When I hear the term picky eater, I think of people who are unwilling to try things that look weird or are unconventional – or people who swear off an entire group of food.  I’m not like that – my tastes are very specific.  For example, I don’t particularly like fruits – but I do like strawberries, apples, and most melons (but not all).  Another example – I don’t like tomatoes plain, on my sandwiches, or in my salads – but I’ll eat bruschetta or salsa all day.

Also, I’m a lot like a cat when it comes to the frequency at which I must eat, and what happens when I’m not properly fed.  Or maybe like a grumpy little kid.

That being said, this is what happens when I’m not fed at the proper time or a sufficient amount of food.

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