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Similarities of Characters & Actors IRL Goals in Braveheart

Posted in Entertainment by jamiemarie on May 17, 2010

Confession: Until last night, I had never seen Braveheart.

[SPOILER ALERT (if you know nothing about European history, I guess, which I don’t, so this would have ruined something relatively inconsequential for me)]

At the very end, as King Edward the Longshanks was in bed dying, I wondered what he was dying from.  I guess that’s silly, but it was really boring compared to the dude with leprosy.

Boyfriend insisted that he was just old.  But he wasn’t that old.  Since Edward I was a real person, I checked Wikipedia.  Turns out, he died of dysentery.  Gross.  I suppose that’s why they never really went into it in the movie.

But that’s actually beside the point – while skimming his Wikipedia entry, I found out Edward I tried to exile all the Jews from England.

Oddly enough, take that sentence and replace “Edward I” with “Mel Gibson” and “England” with “Malibu” and you have a relatively recent headline.

I suppose it’s a testament to Mel Gibson’s acting that he could play a character full of pure hatred for someone with goals so similar to his own IRL.

Or, Mel Gibson’s just an anti-semite during a time period in history where that shit’s just not cool, man.

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