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Liveblogging Glee… on DVR

Posted in Entertainment, Random Rants by jamiemarie on June 17, 2010

Glee - Shu & SylvesterI have no idea when this episode aired.  June 8th?  Apparently it’s the season finale.  Whatever, my boyfriend isn’t home, so I can finally watch it.

I would never admit this unless I was at least a little drunk (which I am), but in 8th grade I was in Barbershop Chorus.  I wouldn’t admit that at all if we weren’t really fucking good… you know, as far as 8th grade extracurricular choirs go.  Point being, we won every competition.

I was also in 8th grade choir – which was an actual class.  We also won every competition…

Is there a fucking hospital adjacent to this auditorium?  How do they get back and forth so fast?  First they’re all in the hospital waiting room while Quinn is giving birth (don’t get me started on that), and then they’re conveniently back in the auditorium when they announce the winner?

Olivia Newton John being a huge bitch = awesome.  Ballsy, ONJ.  Unless she really is a huge bitch.  In that case, disappointing, ONJ.

Also, seriously, what is this show’s obsession with Josh Grobin?  I mean, I get ONJ, but Josh Grobin?

Uhhh anyway.  Obviously the success of the choirs I was in is a testament to the Walter Reed Middle School choir teacher.  But also, we only worked on the songs we competed with.  There was no lesson to be learned each week.  In that year, I probably only sang 6 songs between the two choruses.  You wanna know why …

OH BITCH (Vocal Adrenaline coach whose name I don’t remember), don’t you dare tell that teenage girl she’s going to regret giving her kid up for adoption and having a fucking life.

… uh, where was I going with that?  Oh yeah, we won competitions because we practiced like a normal fucking choir…


… basically… I’d be disappointed if the Glee Club won with a song they’d only been singing for a week.

As a disclaimer, I’m totally down with musicals.  The whole jumping into song in the middle of “real life situations” never bothered me (maybe because I do it in my head sometimes?  Uh, no, I totally don’t do that).

… god, so much man crying.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Jesus, this show totally reduces me to tears – not because it’s spectacularly good or anything, but something about people being extraordinarily nice when you wouldn’t expect it (Kurt’s dad yelling at Finn for saying “faggy”, Mercedes inviting Quinn to live with her and telling her, “we sistas gotta stay together”)… MY GOD I am a teary mess.

Oh, apparently this aired whenever election day was.  Uhhh, Meg Whitman?  Seriously Republicans?  Have you really just given up all hope?  Or is it total lack of self-respect?

AHAHAHAHA “I’ve seen that car you drive.  I don’t wanna catch poor.”  Sue Sylvester, you never cease to impress me.  Jane Lynch, if you weren’t married, and I wasn’t straight, I’d totes marry you.

Whoa, bitchy Vocal Adrenaline Coach adopted Quinn’s baby like all-of-the-sudden?  Isn’t that shit arranged like a million years (or like 8 months) in advance?  At least that’s what Juno told me.

One other thing about this show that… confuses me.   These kids are in high school.  They were “born” in 1994.  How the fuck do they know these songs?  Some are classics, like Journey, but others seem really out of place.  “The Boy Is Mine”?  Mark E. Mark?  The Funky Bunch is before my time and I’m 25.

I’ve consulted my almost-19-year-old sister (born in 1991 for the mathematically challenged) about this, but she had nothing useful to say.  Who is watching this show?  Is it high school students?  Young college students?  Drunk 20-somethings with a latent affection for musicals?

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