Sick on a Sunday

Oregon Trail

Posted in Things That Don't Own by jamiemarie on August 3, 2010

I have a confession to make.  It’s honestly hard to come forward about this.

I have never played the beloved educational video game, Oregon Trail.

I went to private, progressive elementary school.  We did shit like leave LA to actually go to Sacramento to study the gold rush. I panned for gold,  but I never played that game.

It’s remarkable how often it comes up.  I went to public high school and college, so naturally, all my friends are familiar with it – no matter where they’re from.  They all have this common bond.  I usually just nod and fake laughter when it’s appropriate.  But I don’t actually get the jokes, I can’t actually relate.

I also don’t really get why this trailer is probably really, really funny.  But I’ll pretend to.

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