Sick on a Sunday

Grandma goes to the Getty

Posted in Random Rants by jamie on November 24, 2010

Getty MuseumA few years ago, my grandmother came from New Jersey to visit us in California. I had her to myself one day, and decided to take her to the Getty Museum, where their traveling exhibition was Rembrant’s Late Religious Portraits. I thought, “This is great! My Irish-Catholic grandmother will love this!”

She spent a significant amount of time at each portrait.  About half an hour into it, I really thought she was enjoying it. I stood next to her while she stood between two of the portraits.  I asked her, “What do you think, Grandma?”

In a huffy voice, “Well, I’ve never heard of this saint.”  Yeah, Grandma, I’m sure Rembrant just made up a saint.

Then later, “Why is this one’s frame so much bigger?!”

And again, “Why is this frame gold?!”

That was all she had to say.  I took her to see a renowned artist’s religious work, and all Grandma could comment on were the frames.


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