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Thanksgiving is boring

Posted in Random Rants by jamie on November 24, 2010

A turkey thanks President Bush for the pardonTomorrow is Thanksgiving, and as it approaches, my RSS feed is clogged with holiday horror stories, guides to surviving your family, awkward moments with the in-laws, lists of typical arguments, etc. And you know what?  I’m frankly disappointed in my family.

I have three branches of families with which I spend at least some part of the Thanksgiving holiday. They are all drama-free, relaxed, competent chefs, and relatively local.

To top off their laid-back attitudes, the farthest I have to travel is the 45 miles. And not, like, 45 minutes on the Wednesday before through a snowstorm, but 45 miles in LA on a holiday morning. It will take us maybe an hour to get there. This means no stopping and roadside diners for makeshift Thanksgiving dinner while we wait for a blizzard to pass; no delayed flights, no terrible layovers, and no TSA pat downs.

Both of my parents make an awesome Thanksgiving dinner.  Both my parents like cooking and do it often, so they’re familiar with their kitchens and appliances.  As far as the meal goes, very little changes year-to-year.  Consequently, there are no kitchen mishaps like trying to deep fry a frozen turkey or something not cooking all the way through.  In fact, my single mother has been successfully serving a full Thanksgiving dinner on her own for 15 years.

Furthermore, I have no local extended family, save for two third-cousins who are gracious, fun, and as laid-back as everyone else. And even my family was local, there is a serious lack of crazy racists, bitter old maids and cat ladies, drug addicts, fighters, or anyone else who might spice things up, despite being mostly Irish-Catholic.  We are an embarrassment to our heritage.  My grandmother, despite not being quite all there, will likely spend the day pouring herself high balls and making harmless, inane commentary.

My sister is a college sophomore, and my brother is just finishing up his college applications.  No one got knocked up, failed any classes, picked up a drug addiction, or anything interesting!  And on top of that, we all get along.  I’d even go as far as saying we enjoy each other’s company.

Having finished college, held a decent job for 3 years, and lived with my boyfriend for over a year; you may expect some “what’s next” sort of questioning.  However, my parents are divorced which absolves me of any marriage and children questions or pressure.  My parents love me and are proud of me and are nothing but supportive of my decisions these days; and same goes for my siblings.

Tomorrow, my boyfriend and I will wake up at an entirely reasonable hour, grab the food I’ll make tonight, and head to my mom’s.  We will spend the day watching the Macy’s parade, dog shows, football, and Harry Potter with my mom and my sister.  The four of us will have a delicious meal and return to the couch in tryptofan-and-wine-induced comas, until my sister’s boyfriend comes by, and later, my third-cousins.  We’ll all have dessert together.  Then we’ll go home.  Life is so hard sometimes!

Basically, I’m grateful 364 days of the year for the wonderful qualities of my family and friends that allow holidays to be so stress-free.  Except on Thanksgiving, when they’re boring.  Step up your game, guys. ❤

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