Sick on a Sunday

Pet Stores: the new farmers’ market?

Posted in Random Rants, The Ladies by jamie on December 15, 2010

Bruce lets me know that his hay is so insufficient that he will only rest his feet on soft towels.

I sent the boyfriend to Centinela the other night for bunny pellets and hay.

He came back thrilled because women talked to him, and thus “totally hit on” him.

It sounded like another customer noticed him with her eyes and the clerk asked him friendly questions about his rabbit.  His storytelling sounded like normal, friendly pet store banter to me.

Are pet stores the new farmers’ market when it comes to picking up harmless men?

(Incidentally, I had a male employee from that same Centinela insist on carrying the hay I’d just purchased to my car once.  Figured it was store policy or something.)


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